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409.3 Employee Family and Medical Leave

Unpaid family and medical leave will be granted up to 12 weeks per year to assist employees in balancing family and work life.  For purposes of this policy, year is defined as a one contract year.  Requests for family and medical leave will be made to the superintendent. 

Employees may be required to use paid leave concurrently with family and medical leave.  Paid leave includes, but is not limited to, sick, emergency, vacation and personal. Employees eligible for family and medical leave must comply with the family and medical leave administrative rules prior to starting family and medical leave.  It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative rules to implement this policy. 

NOTE:  This policy is consistent with federal law regarding family and medical leave.  The links below are to applicable forms on the U.S. Department of Labor Web site.



WH-380-E Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition (PDF)

WH-385 Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Servicemember -- for Military Family Leave (PDF)

Legal Reference:

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Cross Reference:
  • 409.2 Licensed Employee Personal Illness Leave


Approved 8-16-04                     Reviewed 8-21-12, 2-21-19, 8/12/20, 5/18/22                    Revised 2-21-19, 8/12/20