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407.5 Licensed Employee Reduction in Force

The board has the exclusive authority to determine the appropriate number of licensed employees. A reduction of licensed employees may occur as a result of, but not be limited to, changes in the education program, staff realignment, changes in the size or nature of the student population, financial situation considerations, and other reasons deemed relevant by the board.
The reduction in licensed employees, other than administrators, will be done through normal attrition if possible. If normal attrition does not meet the necessary reduction in force required, the board may terminate licensed employees.
It is the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation for termination to the board. The superintendent shall consider the following criteria in making the recommendations:
*Reduction points as established by the Master Contract
•     Endorsements and educational preparation within the grade level and subject areas in which the employee is now performing;
•     Relative skills, ability and demonstrated performance;
•     Qualifications for co-curricular programs; and
•     Shall be within the following categories as established by the Master Contract
Elementary K-5
Secondary 6-12
Special Education
Physical Education
Title I
Success Coordinator
Due process for terminations due to a reduction in force will be followed.
The requirements stated in the Master Contract between employees in that certified collective bargaining unit and the board regarding the reduction in force of such employees will be followed.


Legal Reference: 
Iowa Code §§ 20; 279.
Cross Reference:
407.4 Licensed Employee Suspension
413.5Classified Employee Reduction in Force
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