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407.1 Licensed Employee Resignation

A licensed employee who wishes to resign must notify the superintendent in writing within the time period set by the board (21 days from date issued) for return of the contract. This applies to regular contracts for the licensed employee's regular duties and for an extracurricular contract for extra duty. Resignations of this nature will be accepted by the board.

The board may require an individual who has resigned from an extracurricular contract to accept the resigned position for only the subsequent school year when the board has made a good faith effort to find a replacement and the licensed employee is continuing to be employed by the school district.

Legal Reference:

Iowa Code §§ 91A.2, .3, .5; 279.13, .19A

Cross Reference:

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405.4 Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts

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Approved 11-17-03     Reviewed 8-21-12  02-21-19  5/18/22   Revised. 5/18/22