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507.2 Administration of Medication to Students

Student may be required to take medication during the school day. Medication is administered by the school nurse, or in the nurse’s absence, by a person who has successfully completed an administration of medication course reviewed by the Board of Pharmacy Examiners. The course is conducted by a registered nurse or licensed pharmacist. A record of course completion will be maintained by the school district. Students who have demonstrated competence in administering their own medication my self administer their medications.
Medication will not be administered without written authorization that is signed and dated from the parent, and the medication must be in the original container which is labeled by the pharmacy or the manufacturer with the name of the child, name of the medications, the time of the day which it is to be given, the dosage and the duration. Written authorization will also be secured when the parent requests student co-administration of medication when competency is demonstrated. When administration of the medication requires ongoing professional health judgement, an individual health plan will be developed by the licensed health personnel with the student and the student’s parents. A written record of the administration of medication procedure must be kept for each child receiving medication including the date; student’s name; prescriber or person authorizing the administration; the medication and its dosage; the name, signature and title of the person administering the medication; and the time and method of administration and any unusual circumstances, actions or omissions. Administration of medication records are kept confidential.
The school nurse, or in the nurse’s absence, the person who has successfully completed and administration of medication course reviewed by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners will have access to the medication which will be kept in a secured area. Students may carry medication only with the approval of the parents and building principal of the student’s attendance center. Emergency protocol for medication-related reactions will be in place.
The superintendent is responsible, in conjunction with the school nurse, for developing rules and regulations governing the administration of medication, prescription and nonprescription, including emergency protocols, to students and for ensuring persons administering medication have taken the prescribed course and periodically review the prescribed course. Annually, each student is provided with the requirements for administration of medication at school.
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