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802.6 Vandalism

The board believes everyone should treat school district buildings and property with respect for the benefit of the education program.  All users of school district property are required to treat it with care.  Employees discovering property damage or vandalism should report it to their building principal as soon as possible.

Persons suspected, found or proven to have destroyed or damaged school district property may be subject to discipline by the school district, if the person is under the jurisdiction of the school district, and may be reported to local law enforcement officials.  Persons who are not under the jurisdiction of the school district and who are suspected, found, or proven to have destroyed or otherwise harmed school district property will be reported to the local law enforcement authorities. 



Legal Reference:
  Iowa Code 279.8

Cross Reference:
502 Students Rights and Responsibilities

903.4 Public Conduct on School Premises


Approved 11-15-04      Reviewed 12-21-09  6-19-19          Revised  6-19-19