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303.3 Administrative Contract and Contract Non-renewal

The length of the contract for employment between an administrator and the board will be determined by the board and stated in the contract. The contract will also state the terms of the employment.


The first three consecutive years of a contract issued to a newly employed administrator will be considered a probationary period. The probationary period may be extended for an additional year upon the consent of the administrator. In the event of termination of a probationary or non-probationary contract, the board will afford the administrator appropriate due process, as required by law. The administrator and board may mutually agree to terminate the administrator's contract.


It is the responsibility of the superintendent to create a contract for each administrative position. The board may issue temporary and nonrenewable contracts in accordance with law.


Administrators who wish to resign, to be released from a contract, or to retire, must comply with applicable law and board policies.


NOTE:  May 15 is the date established by Iowa law for notice of board action to consider termination of an administrator’s contract. The board may select an earlier day, but may not select a later date.



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Cross Reference:          303      Administrative Employees


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