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  • 503.2 Expulsion

    Only the board may remove a student from the school environment. The removal of a student from the school environment, which includes, but is not limited to, classes and activities, is an expulsion from school.
    Students may be expelled for violations of board policy, school rules or the law. It is within the discretion of the board to discipline a student by using an expulsion for a single offense or for a series of offenses depending on the nature of the offense and the circumstances surrounding the offense.
  • 503.3 Fines-Fees-Charges

    The board believes students should respect school district property and assist in its preservation for future use by others. Students may be assessed fines, charges, or fees for the materials needed in a course, for overdue school materials, for participating in activities, or for misuse of school property.

  • 503.5 Corporal Punishment

    The use of corporal punishment, mechanical restraint and/or prone restraint is prohibited in all schools.  Corporal punishment is defined as the intentional physical punishment of a student.  It includes the use of unreasonable or unnecessary physical force or physical contact made with the intent to harm or cause pain.  No employee is prohibited from any of the following which are not considered corporal punishment::
  • 504.1 Student Governement

    The student council provides for student activities, serves as a training experience for student leaders, promotes the common good, gives students a share in the management of the school, develops high ideals of personal conduct, acts as a clearinghouse for student activities, seeks to interest students in school district affairs and helps solve problems that may arise. Members of the council are student representatives who have direct access to the administration.


  • 505.1 Student Progress Reports and Conferences

    Students will receive a progress report at the end of each nine-week grading period. Students, who are doing poorly, and their parents or guardians, are notified prior to the end of the semester in order to have an opportunity to improve their grade. The board encourages the notification of students who have made marked improvement prior to the end of the semester.
    Parent-teacher-student conferences will be individually scheduled and held in the Fall and Spring at the to keep the parents or guardians informed. 
  • 505.2 Student Promotion-Retention-Acceleration

    Students will be promoted to the next grade level at the end of each school year based on the student's achievement, age, maturity, emotional stability, and social adjustment.
    The retention of a student will be determined based upon the judgment of the licensed employee and the principal. When it becomes evident a student in grades kindergarten through eight may be retained in a grade level for an additional year, the parents will be informed. It is within the sole discretion of the board to retain students in their current grade level.
  • 505.3 Students Honors and Awards

    The school district will provide a program that establishes honors and awards including, but not limited to, academic letters, scholarships and good citizenship awards for students to assist students in setting goals. Students are made aware of honors and awards and the action necessary on the part of the student to achieve them. Students who have not attended an accredited public or private school for their entire high school education, will not be eligible for honors and awards. 


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